Tavola Rotonda - 29 Maggio

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Tavola Rotonda: La Famiglia a Tavola (+ relazione)


 Relazione del dott. Bernardini     formato word stampabile   



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1) Long-live origami queiers! (And the possibilities for what we might turn rejection letters I'm thinking: prom dresses, backyard sheds, belts, and roofing...)Mirka, love your reminder to self: in the drawer = zero possibility. Out of the drawer = you never know...Kittie, watching Tyler do his silly-confidence thing meant a lot to me; I laughed a lot, but it really impacted me in that silly-wisdom kind of wayKristin, e-mail certainly makes intricate folding of queiers difficult; I shall have to consider the anglesLeslie, ah to know before we send something out! I sometimes feel like even rejections are easier to take when they come fast. the waiting certainly plays those tricks: "She likes me; she doesn't like me; she likes me! she definitely doesn't like me!"Stina, great point. What if our high school crushes end up becoming agents? Ouch...Shannon, thanks! Paige, let us know how the swan comes along! I'll look forward to hearing...Larissa, sounds like your critique partner is gold; and thanks for your nice words!Matthew, thanks for your words! I've been reading your blog today and loving it so much! Your energy, wisdom, and passion are so beautiful!Heather, I toast to next time with you!Sher, your determination and patience and commitment are awesome. It's what it's all about, right? Reading your comment makes me want to put two kitchen chairs together and...
Commento di Antonio - July 10, 2013 7:15 AM

2) 7 Apr I had a perfect <a href="">endnig</a> of my weekend last night. I met up with my snygging (that's what I like to call him) to spend some time. The weather was nice so we sat down by a small terras around St-Lazare to grab a bite. While we were eating did he say that we had to be somewhere around 20h30 for an event. I did not ask much about it, was kind of busy with mya0cheeseburger.
Commento di Eva - July 14, 2013 4:43 PM

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